Professional sports leagues require a scheduling system that works!

Optimal Planning Solutions has been providing consulting services to professional sports leagues and international sporting competitions since 1999. Our client base covers a broad spectrum of sporting events and competitions across North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

While we have experience in many sport-related areas, some examples of our expertise include:
  • Optimization-based schedule/fixture generation for professional sports leagues. We are the world's foremost experts at delivering customized scheduling solutions, with clients all over the world and in virtually every sport including the National Football League, Scottish Premier League, Major League Soccer, Australian Football League, Ligues 1 & 2, and Super Rugby.
  • Consulting for major international sporting competitions such as the UEFA European Football Championship, the Cricket World Cup, and the FIFA World Cup.
  • Providing expert testimony for sport-related and scheduling-related legal cases.
  • Assisting sporting organizations with the analysis of their competition structure (promotion, relegation, playoffs), and scheduling rules (and their effect of overall schedule quality).
  • Web-based schedule creation and automation for amateur sports organizations (coming soon).

Contact Optimal Planning Solutions if you are looking for a better way of scheduling your professional sports league.